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rusty bucket

A red-brown background with an off-white bucket pouring liquid on to the word RustyBucket

A custom built Rust API server to dynamically resize images based upon a URL query

sjs ice team

A hockey puck with a green button underneath it that contains the text: Home of the San Jose Sharks Ice Team.

An application to manage the San Jose Sharks Ice Team scheduling

gamersnexus mock up

A centered logo that contains white text whichs states Gamers Nexus with a button underneath that states: View Latest News.

A mock up created in 3 days as a redesign proposal for



An npm package that automatically loads environment variables from a predefined Env variable

react hooks guide

A preview of a page that contains an interactive temperature slider. Underneath the slider is the source code which you can copy or play around with in a Codesandbox.

An educational website to help up-and-coming developers understand React’s newly introduced hooks

nextjs ssr kit

A logo that contains black text that states Next.JS and underneath is blue text that states SSR Kit

A fully-loaded custom NextJS boilerplate for server-side solutions


A preview of a Transactions page that contains a dark grey sidebar with clickable links and a table to the right of it that contains a list of transactions and their details.

A web application to create, manage, and send personalized updates to a list of subscribers

composable components

A centered logo of the word Composable and underneath it is some source code within a black box.

A lightweight composable solution for styled-components.

react smde

A screenshot of some Markdown code being previewed within the React SMDE package. React SMDE is a standalone package that allows users to edit and preview Markdown code.

A lightweight, simple, markdown editor for React

git gnome terminal

A preview of a terminal running a bash script that display git status of a git tracked folder.

A bash script to display git status of a git tracked folder

alias dirs

A screenshot of alias dirs package's READEME on

A utility function that automatically creates aliased import directories for babel

fullstack m.e.r.n. kit

A dark grey background square with a centered logo with 4 circlular logos of: Mongodb, Express, ReactJS and NodeJS. Underneath those logos is the text M, E, R, N that corresponds their respective circle logos.

A fully-loaded custom boilerplate using MongoDB, Express, React/Redux and Node for client-side solutions

yelp camp

A screenshot of a reviewed campground within the Yelp Camp application.

An experimental website for creating, editing, and reviewing campground sites from all over California

autorun gcn driver

A cartoony logo of a purple Game Cube controller.

A program that replaces manually opening the GCN USB Adapter, pressing the 'Start' button and then searching through the vJoy devices to find which vJoy device is active.

fan controller (nvfc) app

A white circular logo with a green fan within the center of the circle.

A standalone Linux application that creates a modifiable 2D curve of temp and fan speed points that automatically controls a Nvidia GPU's fan based on the GPU's temperature.

ssdtgen app

A circular gradient dark blue to light blue logo with white in center that states sG.

A standalone Mac OS application that builds and compiles custom SSDTs for X99, Z170, Z97, and H97 systems running Mac OS

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