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nextjs ssr kit


A fully-loaded, built from the ground up, NextJS boilerplate for server-side solutions. This website and several other projects were built using this boilerplate! It sports a custom NextJS configuration, Emotion SSR integration, custom Jest and Cypress testing suites, implements Github Actions for CI, and it even has an interactive API example using MongoDB.

Tech Specs:

  • cypress
  • emotion
  • enzyme
  • eslint
  • github actions
  • jest
  • mongodb
  • nextjs
  • reactjs (w / reduxjs + redux saga)
  • stylelint
  • typescript


ex. api

A demo page that contains a centered list of users and their details.

ex. api create

A create user form modal that overlays the demo page. The form contains inputs to create a new user that will be saved to a database.

ex. api edit

A demo page that displays an inline Edit User form that contains inputs to update and save the user's details in a database.


A home page that displays a centered NextJS SSR Kit logo with button underneath it that contains See Example. The button links the user to an interactive demo page to create, read, delete and update a user in a database.
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